The Parlor at Pips Meadery: Special Events

Our space is currently closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, however these dates may be reserved for special events or parties.

We do allow our space to be booked on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well, however given that we will need to close down our taproom for a special event on these days, there will be minimums imposed with renting out our space.

We currently have 3 options for special events:

  • À la carte
    • Guests may purchase drinks on separate tabs or a group tab as they go
    • An organizer may also prepay for a set amount for each guest and then let them pay as they go
  • Pips Party Package
    • Pips will curate and event specifically for your group, including catered food from a list of local options
    • Please call for pricing
  • Team Building Party
    • An opportunity to join us for a mixology and cocktail class with a world class bartender for a unique experience
    • Guests will learn how to make (and drink!) 1x classic cocktail, 1x craft cocktail, and 1x mead cocktail with an option to leave with a bottle of mead to practice at home

Please reach out to to request pricing information or gather additional details.