General FAQ

Do you have memberships?

Back in the beginning of 2017 when we first filed for our Federal Basic Permit, we did take on a very small number of memberships to help support our small operations in the early going.

If I’m not a member, how do I get your products now?

We currently sell our bottles through 3 avenues: 1) Through memberships, 2) through sales to retailers, and 3) through lottery releases via our webpage.

The members get priority access to our offerings and in some cases, member exclusive offerings, though we try to ensure we have a healthy amount (in relation to the total batch size) available for public release. We have facilitated some of our releases through retail partners in Wisconsin thus far, and plan to partner up with more down the road. Our lottery sales through our website allow for a unique pickup opportunity at our production site which also gives customers an opportunity to grab pours on tap when they travel in.

How do your lotteries on your website work?

On our website, we have a lottery page dedicated to the bottle offering(s) that will be available to winners. You can find that information on with all of the details as to how these events will run both before and after winners are randomly selected.

Will you re-open memberships?

Given our current plans for scale, we have no immediate plans to reopen memberships. Right now, our focus is on crafting new recipes at a scale that makes sense for our current operation. As we progress and look for the right opportunities for expanding our capacity, we will assess our processes and determine if/when we will reopen memberships. At this time, though, we are considering memberships closed.

Where is your location? What are your plans for the space?

Our current location is on North Lewis Ave. in Beach Park, Illinois. This facility will be used primarily as a production location. Our scale early on has been on the smaller side. Most of our current equipment is 1bbl, and while we have several fermenters, the amount we can produce will be limited.

We will have a small retail section for bottles to go during releases/pickup windows, though our location in Beach Park will not have a taproom open every day. The production activities taking place here will be to support 3 main goals: 1) memberships, 2) limited distribution of core products, and 3) bottles and samples for special events/releases to the public.

For many reasons, we started up on a shoestring budget…and while we didn’t initially have the resources or bandwidth to invest in a taproom, our plans are to acquire a second location in a surrounding area that will be a great fit for a taproom once our business grows. Our current plan is to be able to work towards this after some time in operation, but this will of course depend on our ability to scale without sacrificing quality, demand for our products, and approval processes.

What are your current hours of operation

Unfortunately, at this time, Pips Meadery has no general operating hours. Our facility is primarily a production site for meads that are released during our lotteries or distributed to partnering retailers for bottle release events off premise. We hope that as we continue to scale, we’ll be able to find a better way to carry some standard hours, though we know it will be some time before we can get there