General FAQ

Do you have memberships?

Back in the beginning of 2017 when we first filed for our Federal Basic Permit, we did take on a very small number of memberships to help support our small operations in the early going.

Do you have a taproom? Are you open to everyone?

We do have a taproom, and we are indeed open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a member.

Our location at 1350 Tri State Parkway is now open to the general public with standard operating hours.

Our Taproom, also referred to as “The Parlor at Pips Meadery” is open:

Thursdays: 4pm – 9pm
Fridays: 2pm – 10pm
Saturdays: Noon – 10pm
Sundays: 11am – 3pm

Do you serve food?

We do not currently have food on-site. That said, we welcome all customers to bring their own food or order food for delivery. We do attempt to bring out local food trucks when we are able to book their services, and will consistently post our schedule for food trucks when we know they will be joining us.

Will you re-open memberships?

Given our current plans for scale, we have no immediate plans to reopen memberships. Right now, our focus is on crafting new recipes at a scale that makes sense for our current operation. As we progress and look for the right opportunities for expanding our capacity, we will assess our processes and determine if/when we will reopen memberships. At this time, though, we are considering memberships closed.

What do you serve on premise?

We currently offer our Pips meads on tap or by the bottle on-site.

Additionally, we have created a subsidiary brand called Sips. As Pips focuses on dessert style meads with big, rich and intense flavors, we created Sips to offer a greater variety of products. Sips will focus on products ranging from dry to sweet, carbonated to still, or experimental styles like “smoothie” meads. Additionally, Sips will be developing standard wine offerings along with ciders.

We also have a limited amount of beer on tap or in bottles, often seeking more limited kegs.

Finally, we have an extensive list of cocktail options, moving from classics to craft, and also developing cocktails that leverage some of our own meads and wines.

What is the best way to keep up with new news related to Pips Meadery?

We currently manage 3 social media pages.

Please feel free to follow us at:

Pips Meadery – focused on the production and release information for all Pips produced products

Sips Mead, Wine & Cider – Follow this page for the production and release information related to all Sips produced products

The Parlor at Pips Meadery – Please follow this page to stay up to date with all taproom news, events, food truck information and the like

Do you Ship alcohol?

We do not ship any of our products. All online orders through our platform are for pick-up on site only. All purchases of Alcohol may only be made by someone 21+, and IDs will be checked on premise during pickup.