Lottery FAQ

This looks like a lot of reading material below ... do you have a TL;DR?

We tend to provide a lot of information as it needs to be detailed, so please make sure to read to ensure no details are missed.

Our current lottery is for a membership in our Aces & Eights Club membership. New members will be able to use proxies to pick-up their member bottles, and we encourage it when possible.

How does the lottery work?

Our lottery entry period will be open for several days once it goes live. You may enter one time during the window, and duplicate entries will be removed.

What happens if we get a winning email?

If you are a winner, your will receive 2 emails. The first will be confirmation that you won, the second will be information on how to access the membership page. Once logged in, you will be required to purchase the membership itself first before having full access to the site. From there, you’ll be able to purchase any and all bottles that are released during the membership period.

Why a lottery?

We’ve taken a lot of approaches over the years for how we bring new members in. We have found that a lottery approach is typically the fairest option, especially as we know that the desire to become a member extends beyond just the local market.

Do you allow proxies for winners?

For memberships, we do allow proxies. However for bottle lotteries, that will change from lottery to lottery. We will always clarify that in our social media post and/or on the lottery detail page.

Now, how do I enter the lottery?

Click the grey “Enter the Lottery” button above the FAQ (right below the mead details) in the dark box, or click here to move forward and enter.