Lottery FAQ

This looks like a lot of reading material below ... do you have a TL;DR?

We tend to provide a lot of information as it needs to be detailed, so please make sure to read to ensure no details are missed.

Our current lottery is for a membership in our Aces & Eights Club membership. New members will be able to use proxies to pick-up their member bottles, and we encourage it when possible.

How does the lottery work?

Our lottery entry period will be open for several days once it goes live. You may enter one time during the window, and duplicate entries will be removed. You will be required to enter your drivers license on the entry form, as we will be checking your drivers license upon pickup (if you’re a winner). Once the lottery entry window is over, an email will go out to all of the winners within 24 hours.

What happens if we get a winning email?

If you are a winner, your winning email will have a link that will take you to an online reservation system. From here, you will be able to choose from multiple blocks of times across the pickup window dates to schedule a time for pickup at our production site at:
39452 N Lewis Ave, Beach Park, IL. There will only be a very small number of openings available at each interval as we want to keep traffic down and allow for greater interaction with us during your trip in, as well as provide an opportunity to try a few things on tap should you wish.

The links in your email are unique to you, and once it is used, it is gone. You can try to share a winning email if you want to, but it won’t result in anything beyond an error message.

What happens if something comes up and I need to change my pickup window?

If you have a life event that gets in the way of your pickup window, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate.

If I win, can I bring someone...even if they didn't win?

If we’re offering tap pours for a specific release, of course. We want you to have a good time when you come to pick up your bottles still, so feel free to bring a +1 with you…we just don’t want to have a winner bring a group of 10 people as our space is quite small and seating will be limited.

Why a lottery?

First come first served releases are tough, especially at our current scale which is quite small. There are pros and cons across the board, but we are hoping to provide everyone curious about what we’re making with an equal opportunity to try some of our offerings, and felt that a lottery system that is housed through our website would be a good platform to experiment with. It may not be perfect either, but we can check and adjust the process over time. We hope this provides a more unique experience for the winners as well, as it will result in a flexible pickup window that allows for a chance to visit our production site and share in some offerings on tap (when available). Our small facility can’t yet easily accommodate a first come first served release at this time, so we are trying to work within the set of parameters available to us and think outside the box with how we can engage with our customer base.

Do you have taps for when we pickup?

Given the current Pandemic, no taps are available. Please remain in your vehicle during pick-up and we will work to keep this process as touch-less as possible.

Will you be giving tours during our pickup time?

Our focus during the pickup windows will be ensuring that customers can get your bottles without a bottleneck occuring. Our production area will be visible from the retail area should you be curious, though no tours will be given during this time.

Do you allow proxies for winners?

For memberships, we do allow proxies. However for bottle lotteries, that will change from lottery to lottery. We will always clarify that in our social media post and/or on the lottery detail page.

Now, how do I enter the lottery?

Click the grey “Enter the Lottery” button above the FAQ (right below the mead details) in the dark box, or click here to move forward and enter.