Release: Apple Prestige

Where & When?

Our next release will be at 9:00 am on Sunday, April 14th. The bottle release will be taking place at:

Aman’s Beer + Wine

26210 W Loomis Rd, Wind Lake, WI 53185
Sunday 9:00 am, April 14th

Do NOT show up at the Pips Meadery Production Site in Beach Park, IL, as there will be nobody there and no bottles for sale at this location.

How Will It Work?

The release at Aman’s Beer + Wine will be first come first served. We will have people monitoring any line that may develop prior to opening who will be passing out numbered tickets in the morning. If we run out of tickets, it will be a clear demarcation of where bottles will run out. Once you have your ticket, you are free to roam around nearby or peruse the store. Additional merchandise can obtained at the register if interested.

Bottle limits by default will remain 1/person for each offering until we run out, but may be revised at the start of the release.

Apple Prestige

225 Bottles Available 1 bottle Per Person 375ML / $45 Bottle

Apple Prestige is the first release in our ‘Prestige’ series of meads.  Named after the third act of an illusion, the name is in reference to the portion of a trick after something has disappeared, when it still needs to be returned from wherever it went so that the viewer can be amazed. After disappearing for many months into the barrels, this is the liquid that has returned: The Prestige.

We don’t do many meads aged in ex-spirit barrels, but when a unique opportunity presents itself, we look to create a recipe that we feel will pair up well with the flavors of special store pick barrels. In this case, a barrel code at the bottom of the label will indicate both the store and what spirit was used for tracking purposes should we repeat the recipe down the road with a different used barrel.

This version of Apple Prestige was aged for 6 months in a store pick Old Scout Smooth Ambler barrel for Aman’s Beer + Wine. Rich and tart apple meet the flavor from the wood, though we tried to be careful to ensure we didn’t pull too much of the heat from the barrel into the fragile profile of the base apple mead. Moderate oak, light caramel and vanilla come into play…we hope you enjoy the first in this series.