Razzamatazz/Deep Blue/Black & Cran 4-pk


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This four pack includes:

  • 2x Razzamatazz – Raspberry Mead. Refreshingly tart though balanced with a lingering sweetness of Orange Blossom Honey
  • 1x Deep Blue – Blueberry Mead (with Blueberry Blossom Honey). Tannic Blueberries come in waves along side a burst of atypical honey characteristics. Blueberry Blossom honey carries notes of burnt sugars, vanilla, and caraway-like spices
  • 1x Black & Cran – Blackberry, Cranberry Mead. Dark fruit on the opening sip with blackberry taking the stage out of the gate. A quick shift into a lingering tartness from cranberries will dry the palate. The end result is a considerably drier mead (by comparison) to the rest in the pack, though something we hope is enjoyed as a means to offset the more playful nature of the others in the pack.



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